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Community Engagement

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Hero Program

Our Hero Program is an educational and interactive experience designed to teach children ages 7-11 about the importance of animal welfare. Through six different booths, children will learn about topics such as spay/neuter, kindness towards all living things, safety around dogs, outside dogs, and careers with animals. After completing the program, students will earn a certificate of completion, recognizing their hard work and dedication to creating a better world for animals. We are happy to set up at your community center, school, festival or event.  This service is free.


We offer free presentations for students and adults! They last between 40 - 60 minutes and are available for groups of 10 - 100.  Presentations are fun and engaging.  

Available Topics

The Truth About Pits (youth and adult)

The History of Dogs (adult)

Responsible Pet Ownership (youth)

Pogo's Project & Animal Advocacy (youth and adult) 


To schedule our Hero Program or a presentation please email

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