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The Pit Bull Project

The Pit Bull Project

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Pitbull Portrait

The story below is the inspiration for the Pit Bull Project.  We hope you will join us in our mission to change the stigma that surrounds Pit Bulls.  "How Do You Want To Be Seen?" 

It was a winter evening, and I was sitting in a popular steakhouse waiting for my date to show up.  I got there early because I was nervous, it was a first date. Three women were sitting at the table next to me.  I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but their conversation caught my attention.  The women appeared to be newly acquainted, they were talking about Pit Bulls.  One of the women, shared that her dog is immediately judged solely because she is a Pit Bull.  Her voice softened and she told the other two women that she was a lesbian, and that she often keeps that hidden because she doesn't want to be judged. Her face flushed and we made eye contact, I quickly looked away, but I couldn't stop listening.  She went on to say how much it hurts her to be judged for that, and not by who she is as a person.  The other two women at the table were so kind to her.  I was shocked at what I heard next.  One of the other women said, "I was in an abusive relationship. People asked how someone like me would let that happen." Again, compassion was shown by these three strangers. The third woman said, "my husband committed suicide." I glanced back over and watched the three women who had just shared such personal pieces of their lives. They were showing each other compassion and lifting one another up, they knew what it felt like to be judged, labeled and questioned.  I was listening to what is good in this world, pure and genuine acceptance and kindness. One of the women asked, who do you want people to see when they look at you?  The mood quickly lightened. "I want to be seen as a caring dog owner and someone who makes people laugh."  The second woman replied, "I want to be seen as a wonderful mom and a fair business leader.", the third woman wanted to be seen as a community leader and a good sister.  The first woman who spoke that evening said,  "I would bet my life that my dog wants to be seen as a good dog and a living creature that has feelings." She has the ability to love and feel pain. I want her and all others animals to feel love. The women all agreed.  My date didn't show up that night and I didn't care. I left with a different outlook on life. Three presumably strangers showing acceptance and compassion. The next day I went out and I adopted a Pit Bull.  She's loyal, she's a great dog and she's been my faithful friend. I will admit I was afraid of Pit Bulls until the night those three brave women shared their stories.   ~Anonymous

Get Involved with The Pit Bull Project

Would you like to make a difference?  We are seeking volunteers to present, help with graphic design, marketing, public relations and writing.

Request a Presentation (youth and adult)

We provide fun, engaging and informational presentation about Pit Bulls.  We'll share the history of the breed, pits in pop culture, really cool facts and we'll bring a pit or two if you'd like us to.  We'll visit your office, community center, church, civic group, chamber of commerce or any other place you get together!  We'll be there for about 30 - 40 minutes. There is no cost for us to visit.  These presentations help us change the stigma that surrounds Pit Bulls. 

The Facts About Pit Bulls

Learn more about the breed. Coming Soon!

Pit Bull Friendly Housing in Central Indiana

We do our best to ensure this information is accurate.  Please call the business ahead to verify.  If you want to help remove breed specific legislation, please contact us.

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