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Student Programs

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Pogo's Pack - starts in March

This program is for students ages 7-11.  This group meets monthly at various locations.  Each meeting lasts one hour and students do crafts, play games, listen to speakers and do projects. Through these activities, students learn the importance of responsible pet ownership and kindness toward all living things. 

Young Philanthropists - starts in March

We encourage students who love animals and making a difference to join this group.  Students will learn how to host small fundraising events, participate in community outreach programs and create materials  for our students reaching students project.

Topics - Ages 7-11

Pet Overpopulation
Careers with Animals
Speaker and Project
Kind to Animals Project
Safety Around Pets Game
Diagnose the Dog
Responsible Pet Owners
Pit Bull Workshop
Outside Dogs
A Lifetime of Love

Topics - Ages 12-17

Pet Overpopulation
Outside Dogs
Plan Fundraiser
Spaghetti/Taco Fundraiser
Speaker – Careers with Animals
Behind the Scenes (vet hospital)
Dog Portraits – special needs
Volunteer at Carnival/Fall Fest
PSA Pit Bulls
People who are experiencing homeless – assemble pet kits   
Homebound Seniors – assemble pet kits

Registration begins February 12th.  Please check back then or sign up for our newsletter to have the link delivered to your email.

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